Friday, August 2, 2013

Sweet rewards

Having a baby is marvelous, but it can muck up my morning lesson routine when said baby needs a nap but is fighting a nap and I have to rock the baby instead of the piano.

Luckily, WonderGirl has a lot of review songs in her brain, so I can make her a list and rush off to baby-tend. Today I thought I'd sweeten the deal and give her chocolate chips to eat after every song. And 2 bonus chips because she'd stepped in and practiced with the Dude when the baby got fussy during his violin lesson.

Do you sweeten up practice time when things get chaotic? I'd love to hear your tricks!


Cathie said...

My education course instructor would complain about using food as rewards, childhood obesity, blah blah blah. I say you can't reward a kid with something they don't value! (My sister puts well behaved 6th graders' name in a drawing for a soda once a week. I suppose you could do the reverse and do a drawing for what reward they get.)

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