About Me

I'm going to make this easy on both of us and use some bullet points to get the basics out of the way.
  • I'm a mom.
  • Three kids, a 10 year old WonderGirl, a 7 year old Dude and a three year old Thing.
  • I'm my daughter's piano and violin teacher, and my 7 year old son's piano teacher as well
  • We lived in a fairly rural area so I decided to teach my own children out of necessity.  I have been pleasantly surprised by how wonderful it is!
  • My main instrument is the violin.
  • I have my undergrad in Violin Performance, and my masters in Violin Performance Pedagogy.
  • I've taught private lessons since I was 16.  
  • I taught high school orchestra - we even won 2nd place in a national competition!
  • I make really awesome cheese fondue.
  • I still have a semi-active performance life, gigging with local bands and orchestras.  I keep my studio size extremely small in order to be able to focus on my children.
  • I started violin at age 4.
  • I was raised Suzuki, and its philosophy influences my teaching and parenting.
  • I've played the piano almost as long as I've played the violin.  I prefer to play it in C major.
  • I also make a really awesome Nutella fondue.  
  • I played in (and recorded with) two Celtic bands before moving from Atlanta, and occasionally fly down there to play shows with them.
  • I also spent quite a few years trying to perfect my jazz chops.
  • I play just about every style I can get my bow on.
  • I was in a rap group for about 2 days.
  • My cooking expertise (if you can call it that) lies mostly with appetizers.
  • I taught myself guitar.  I'm not half-bad!
  • This list, like my life, is constantly under construction.

Questions?  Thoughts?  Ideas? emailatreblemaker@gmail.com

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