Thursday, April 14, 2016

Left wrist violin hack

I received a comment last week about how to keep a beginner violinist's left wrist from collapsing, and I was surprised to realize I had never shared this trick!  It's pretty simple, and all you need is a rubber band (those are to violinists what duct tape is to everyone else!).

Pardon the blurry phone pics - I took these during nap time.  Step one - put rubber band on the scroll:

Step 2 - slip student's wrist through the band.  

It's important to make sure the band isn't too loose or too tight - just enough to give the student the feeling of pulling back slightly. Collapsing the wrist means the band feels tighter, so it's a good way to teach them to start noticing and correcting it themselves.  If you have any other solutions for this very common issue, share away!


Jane said...

I don't know what any of those things are but go you! It looks very effective.

Rahul KS said...

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Heather Miller said...

This is a great trick! I had lots of trouble with then when I was first learning.

Aina Naval Cucurella said...

Wow!!! it's so useful!

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