Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Making a list, checking it twice

So last night, big sister was at karate, and I was trying to have a piano lesson with the middle brother. The only trouble is, we have a one year old who is into everything. We actually had to move the piano into a separate room so we can close the door, because he kept crawling on top of the piano during piano practice.

My 5 year old is practicing a song that just needs a lot of repetition and run-throughs. But, it's hard for me to sit there with him while his little brother is standing at the door howling because there's no one else in the house to play with. 

This was my solution, inspired by this post:

I usually give the kids checklist to fill out when I can't practice with them but tonight I thought I would sweeten the deal. Every time he completed a task, he got to eat a smartie or a chocolate chip, whatever is in the box. It's absolute bribery, but I'm okay with that. With a toddler and two big kids, I am an advocate for whatever works, and whatever gets them playing! 

In contrast, I gave a checklist to his big sister earlier, and instead of marking each box with an X, she decided to get creative. I love her brain!

1 comment:

Jane said...

Clearly your kids are messed up from all the bribery...:-P
That checklist is a wonderful return on an investment.
How do you keep them from just eating all the treats?

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