Sunday, January 23, 2011

Howard's Screechy Violin

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this book in the store a few years ago.  I not-so-secretly would LOVE my kids to choose to play the violin, and not-so-secretly share my propaganda with them at every occasion, so a book about a kid playing violin (on sale, even)??  I bought this so fast my credit card was a-smokin'.

The story is so fantastic - a boy wants to play the violin and practices at home, but the screeching and squawking drove his family and neighbors crazy.  After a while, they had a family meeting, decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and they all picked up an instrument of their own and started a family band.

How awesome is that??  Especially because I also not-so-secretly want to start a band with our whole family and all be rockstars together.  It's published by Fischer Price and is a Grade 3 level book (although WonderGirl does a pretty good job reading it herself, and she's reading around a 1st grade level).  You can find it here on Amazon for a$.01 and up.  Score!

I have LOADS of favorite music-y books to share with y'all (I'm kind of a junkie), but I'd also love to hear what you have.  What music type books do you love to share with your kids?


tuba.girl said...

Can I say, I pretty much LOVE reading this blog. I'm going to college this fall for Music Therapy, and all of your input is really neat ESPECIALLY because it shows me how much music can influence my future family. Keep it up Master P! =D, tuba.girl

Rosie said...

There's a book called "Rosie's Fiddle" by Phyllis Root that I enjoy. It's kind of a Devil went down to Georgia kind of theme. I especially like it because my name is Rosie and I play the fiddle. I also learned through the Suzuki method, starting at age 3, and our family joined the Old Time Fiddler's Club when I was 5. We kind of had a family band, too, with my brother and sister and me on fiddle and my dad on guitar.

Master P said...

Thanks so much!

@ tuba.girl - I'm so envious!! If I could do it again, I think I might have done Music Therapy, it is sooo cool!

@ Rosie - My family kind of had a band too, but since we only had violins and clarinets, we ended up playing mostly polkas. Yours sounds a tad cooler :) I'm checking out Rosie's Fiddle asap, thanks for the tip! (and I wish someone had written a book about ME:)

Jane said...

Does Dave Barry's Book Of Bad Songs count?

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