Monday, January 30, 2012

Music theory on the web

Is there anything Pinterest cannot do??  I've found the most amazing recipes, activities for my kids and so much more - and now I'm finding some really fantastic music education gems!  I saw a link to the The Music Interactive and was amazed at the games they have - most of them for free!  There is a note name recognition that was cute and simple enough that my five-year-old had a blast playing it.

A rhythm matching game for strengthening those ears -again, very accessible for my kindergartner and up.

A note recognition game called Staff Wars that was tricky enough that it pushed me to my limit (I made it to level 7 :)

Rhythm math:

And a ton more!  You'll need to register on their forum, but then you can then download the games to your own computer for any time fun. I also found this site that has some of them - plus others - web-based and ready to play now.  I've seen and played with a lot of music theory computer games and these are absolutely fabulous!

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