Thursday, March 8, 2012

Practicing tricks: step up

WonderGirl and I were practicing yesterday without her Bow-Right - and I was seriously impressed with how straight her arm was without it!  But when I tried to mix things up and do some silly exercises like walk around the room while she played, it was too much to focus on and her bow went every which way.  So we came up with this game - playing in some of my high heels!  (and yes, she was wearing all that already... she's quite dramatic:)

oh, to be that flexible again!
It was a hit!  Just changing things up made her focus a little more to stay steady musically and physically.

Any unfamiliar pair of over-sized shoes would be perfect.  I had a drama teacher who would make us rehearse in our costume shoes because of the same focusing logic.  Try it out!


Jane said...

If those shoes will make me a better musician I will come to your house right now and get them.
I might anyway because they're awesome.

Anonymous said...

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