Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Living Room Dance Party #13

My undying love for library story time is no secret.  I love the songs and stories it introduces to us - and I especially love how it's a place where I can go with my kids and teach them to sit and follow directions in a group setting.  Oh sure, I've carried one or both of them out kicking and screaming before, but those were merely battles - whereas I am winning the war.  Plus we have been seriously blessed to have the BEST children's librarians in the universe in our own fair cities.  No joke, they're all amazing.  And something that all the wonderful children's librarians we've ever had have all had in common was a love for Jim Gill's music.  
Jim Gill Sings Do Re Mi on his Toe Leg Knee

I've heard enough of him at story times and music classes that I decided I had to get an entire CD to check out and review for myself.  Sure, he's got some great songs, but how does a whole album sound?  I snagged his Jim Gill Sings Do Re Mi on his Toe Leg Knee from the library and turned it on in the living room.  Instantly, it was a dance party!  WonderGirl was jumping around, following all his directions and instructions, and the Dude - though too young to understand - loved the energy and was running in circles giggling hysterically (that's his way of showing appreciation).

I moved the CD into the car after a few days and it was a hit there as well.  I can't say enough about this album - it's just perfect.  I love Jim Gill's easy style and sound.  You know how some kid albums sound like they're trying way too hard with an in-your-face PLEASE LISTEN TO ME I'M FUN!!!!! attitude?  With Jim Gill you're invited to come join the fun.  It opens with my personal favorite, The Tempo Marches On - which is perfect for any age, as you march around the room while the tempo slowly speeds up.  I've heard that before and used it in preschool music classes and it's always a hit.  The rest of the album has silly, wacky, lots of physical activity numbers that WG has memorized and fallen in love with.  I totally recommend it for a Living Room Dance Party.  There aren't many things on youtube of Mr. Gill, but here's a great live performance of his Silly Dance Contest to give you an idea of how fun his music is.

Go forth, get some Gill and get silly!

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