Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fiddler On The Roof

We are lucky enough to have a Very Important Person visiting us today - Nana!!  Our house is just one of the stops on her Whirlwind Grandchild Tour, and on her next stop she'll get to meet #11! In addition to getting a fantabulous husband, I also got fantabulous in-laws - and now my kids get a real-life Art Professor for a Nana!  WonderGirl's favorite activity with her Nana is doing art, and today she got a wonderful lesson on the art of Marc Chagall.  And then I talked her into sharing her lesson with US!  Aren't we lucky??  Enjoy!

Mom with a Monet Water lily
On the way to visit WonderGirl, I stopped in the Chicago Art Institute with a friend and was INSPIRED by the beautiful Chagall windows there. Today, WonderGirl wanted to do art with me, and immediately I thought of Marc Chagall who was a Russian Jewish artist who painted about his childhood as dreamlike memories.
  • First we played "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof, and soaked in that culture and gorgeous violin music (which incidentally sounds like her Uncle playing).

  • One painting has an X design, so I drew an X on her canvas and asked her to paint four little memories of her early days in Brazil. Here it is!

  • Reflections on a Brasilian Memory, acrylic paint on paper  2011
    What a treat - thank you so much Nana!!!

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    Jane said...

    Holy mah-golys - how awesome is that?!

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