Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wee Sing and Lean ABC

I LOVE this book and CD!  Besides the obvious awesomeness of another ABC book, this also showcases a TON of instruments.  From "Abe the alligator plays the accordion" to "Zelda the zebra plays the zither" it covers just about every animal and instrument there are.  It's a large board book so it's easy for small hands to manage and there a lots of neat details for a older kid.  The CD has a short song about each letter and plays its accompanying instrument.  Great for shorter attention spans, and an awesome CD for the car.  It sparks lots of discussions about how each instrument is played, plus it's easy to sing along with.  You can find Wee Sing & Learn ABC book and CD here on Amazon.


Cathie said...

Ugh, it ate my comment and I'm on my phone. Check out Carole King's Really Rosie album.

Jane said...

They are SO lucky xylophone starts with X otherwise, what could they use?
What do they get for Q?

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