Thursday, February 24, 2011

Living Room Dance Party #7

Today's featured music artist for a Living Room Dance Party is - YOU!

It doesn't matter if you are a professional, amateur or dabbler, watching you give a private performance in your own home is a thrill and a half for your kids, especially if there is moving and grooving involved.  Play a concerto, sing along to the radio, play the rockingest Twinkle your flute from high school has ever seen, it's all a fantastic learning and bonding experience for your family!  My husband and I regularly jam out with him accompanying my fiddle on Sunday evenings -  the kids sing, dance and spin, and all we play are hymns from church.  The content isn't as important as the context.

I'm knee-deep in practicing today because tomorrow I jet off for some shows in Atlanta with the amazing Celtic band, the Border Collies.

I was lucky enough to be a Collie for a few years but the husband's work took us away from my beloved South, and until the universe lets me return, I get to fill in when they are missing a fiddler now and then - and this weekend is sure to be an absolute feast for my fiddling appetite!!

If you are in the ATL area, click here for the deets and come say hi!
I'm thrilled to pieces but a little nervous - so I'm brushing the dust off all my jigs and reels, and the kids are playing around me.  The Dude is a huge fan of live music, and every few minutes he gets so excited he runs laps around my legs, laughing hysterically.  It's just a great reminder of how important live music is for the kids, and how lucky I am that I can provide that, even in our tiny snowed-in town in the Midwest.  Have fun this weekend, and turn your living room into the coolest live music venue in town!


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT ideas & advice. I remember playing all kinds of marches on the piano as my little ones marched around & around the house playing their rhythms instruments. Your Dance Party idea sounds like tons of fun.
Thanks for sharing!

Jane said...

Two things:
1. Why are there sheep iin the picture of the Border Collies?
2. When do I get my poster?

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