Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Learning spaces

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One of Mr. Suzuki's great ideas was the foot chart.  A young student starts by standing on a mat that has their feet outlined in the correct positions for standing and playing the violin - genius!  Not only is it something personalized to them, but it also gives them a clear definition of their learning space.  Have you ever tried to teach your child in your own home and they kept collapsing on the couch or diving away from you for a toy?  Since I teach my WonderGirl in our living room - the same place where she wrestles with her brother, watches TV and builds castles with legos - the concept of the foot chart is essential.

I've modified it a tad to work with her diva nature...

This is a $9.99 piece of Ikea heaven.  When it's time for a lesson, the red carpet comes out.  For the first few lessons, she'd forget and try to wander off, but she knew exactly where to come back to when I reminded her.  It's her special place, our violin place, where she can focus despite the familiar surroundings.

she's kissing a llama.  obviously.
When it comes to piano, she always uses her purple chair.  It's not as exclusive, since she also eats every meal in it, but it's still something she insists on that makes a big difference.

How do you create a learning space in your home?

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Jane said...

I don't think I've ever thought of creating a special learning space...which may explain why I don't know anything.

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