Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chaos around the Treblemaker house

Mom - the original Treblemaker
The next month or so is going to be a tad crazy around these parts - a lot of being here and there and everywhere for the Treblemaker family.  Because none of our plans are set in stone, it's been hard to decide anything - case in point, last week was St. Patrick's Day, but the Irish music is coming about this week.

We live down the street from a nursing home, and the kids I teach music to at church have sung for them a few times.  It's always such a rewarding experience that last Christmas, a drummer friend went with my husband and I to spread some musical cheer.  Just a violin, guitar and djembe - plus a hyperactive 4 year old SCREAMING Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at the crowd and a 1 year old doing some kind of sumo wrestler dance in front of us.  It was complete chaos, but they were very sweet about it anyway.  They begged us to come back for St. Patrick's Day, and we are.  Better late than never!

WonderGirl and I are practicing a duet to play - a lovely arrangement of Ode to Joy from the Faber book.  She's super excited and I'm thrilled to have her get to share her talent.  Everyone wins!  I hope we can get some sweet video of our performance to share.

In my upcoming travels, I'm REALLY excited to be able to visit with my mom.  She's the original Treblemaker - 4 kids, and at least 10 instruments played between us.  She even got her masters in curriculum development and wrote an amazing thesis on teaching the harmonica (the history, the theory, the blues, ALL of it!) to 6th graders.  She's an absolute inspiration.  And if we're super lucky, I'll talk her into some guest posts!  If any of you are interested in sharing your treblemaking exploits, drop me a line - I'd LOVE to hear your stories and ideas!

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Jane said...

You HAVE to post your performance of Ode To Joy! I love that piece and I am really curious to see how they simplified it for beginners.

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