Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dueling Rhythms

Remember the awesome rhythm activity my mom gave me?  We've been having some problems with half notes lately so I decided to add them in.  

As you can see, I cut them so they took up 2 beat spaces.  And as you can also see, WonderGirl insisted on making things complicated and adding a duet rhythm for me to clap.  I took a video of our attempts - I'm having trouble getting my head in the shots lately :)

 To help her keep count, we gave the name "Bu-ddy" for the half notes (2 eighths are "Daddy" and quarters are "Mom").  Using familiar words for the rhythms (Buddy is her brother's nickname) is a good intermediary step since she's only doing basic math - I have older students who are comfortable with basic addition and don't bat an eyelash at counting out rhythms.  


Desiree said...

My girls seem to get the whole rhythm action going with clapping too. Great job Wondergirl! I always get a kick at how she smiles at the camera when she's done!

Keep up the good work!

Jane said...

All above my scope of comprehension. Sounds interesting though.

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