Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Living Room Dance Party #9

One little tidbit of trivia is that WonderGirl is a Brasilian.  It's a source of pride for her, although we've been uber-lazy teaching her Portuguese (I have a legitimate excuse - I'm terrible at it!).  I've been helping my best friend who has just given birth to her first child, so of course it's bringing me back to my own days as a new mother.

It was lonely, living far from home and unable to communicate with anyone around me.  It helped create a bond between WG and I, as she was having a fish-out-of-water experience too.  I'd been excited to come to Brasil and take in all their amazing music, but unfortunately all that was readily available was a style of pop music that... cannot compare to the samba.  Just can't.  So, I turned on my Sergio Mendez and we danced together in the living room, day after day after day.   I recently had a Brasilian friend tell me Sergio Mendez isn't as big in Brasil as he is elsewhere.  Pfft.

Anywho, his Maghalenha gave us joy on the cloudiest of days.  I know I say this about every song I use for Living Room Dance Parties, but seriously - I dare you to listen to it without dancing.  I mean it - at the 45 second mark, I go crazy.  

You can grab it on Amazon here.  Last year Mendez put out an album of his music remixed.  It's kinda catchy, and wouldn't be a bad additon to your library.   Dance on, my friends!

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Jane said...

What's funny is that the Brasilians were probably trying to be more American with that popular music.

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