Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You're a grand old staff!

I had another HOORAY FOR MY MOM moment last week, as I stumbled on on some more music materials she'd bequeathed on me.  She just retired as an elementary music teacher and I am loving being the recipient of her spring cleaning!  I found a stack of these large grand staffs she'd made and laminated, and since we are starting note reading, they are being very used and loved.

Since they were laminated, I can write on them in dry erase marker or crayon and use glass cleaner to wipe it all off when we're done.  First, we practiced finding the G on the treble clef and the F on the bass clef.  I'd call a note name out and she'd put a penny on that note, lickety split.  Today I used Smarties - quite the hit!

I also used star stickers and put them on the lines and spaces and had her play them for me on the piano, then guess the the melody (sometimes it was just random notes to try and trick her).  There are a kajillion places online with free printable staff paper - you can customize your own at

1 comment:

Jane said...

Holy Guacamole Batman! I can barely read the treble staff and I sure couldn't beat anyone to find the note.
Shown up by a four year old. Oy.

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