Tuesday, March 8, 2011

D D D D D D D D!

We have a Daddy, and a drum set and a stuffed dog. Let the D video commence!  It was awesome having Daddy as a guest star, and as much as our home and its inhabitants can resemble an insane asylum at times, I feel so amazingly blessed that this is my family :)


p... said...

Reva... THANK YOU so much for this. It helps bring me back into focus on so many things and brings a tear in my eye of joy. Love it. p

Daddy said...

A few comical notes about the making of this video:

This was take 3 from Day 2. Take 1 involved an imaginary microphone which was extremely distracting. The next take involved said microphone and no headphones on wondergirl. As a result she attempted to put the microphone into her mouth in order to be heard. What came out was a garbled mess.

The solution was to add a mixer and headphones so she could only hear herself - thus eliminating the need to devour the microphone.

Finally - Our little Dude can be seen in the lower left corner, poking in and out of the frame. He begins by dancing and then you can see his little fingers begin to manipulate the mixer. Thankfully, the knobs he were for the channels we were not using.

Jane said...

So. Many. Things. To love about that video. Mommy, so amused by the whole thing and way enthusiastic. Daddy, so deadpan, even when being introduced and so serious during his solo. Wondergirl, so intent and so loud. Awesome.

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