Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blue's Clues - Blue's Big Musical Movie

After our 15+ hour drive with the kids, I am even more thankful for modern technology, MP3 players and portable DVD players.  Technological manna, people.  We have a great collection of kid movies for road trips, and a big favorite for both kids is Blue's Big Music Movie.  It has all the fun problem-solving features of a Blue's Clues episode as the usual crew gets ready to put on a big music show - BUT - it also has a segment on composing with none other than Ray Charles as "G-Clef!"  Mr. Charles gives Steve directions as he dances on a huge staff and a piano, playing around with pitches until he finds the melody that works the best.  It's fantastic!

I love this movie because it's long - 78 minutes, which is fabulous for a long car ride - and engaging.  It never fails to entertain, and I love hearing my kids shouting answers to questions on the show.  If you are gearing up for summer road trips, I highly recommend adding this to your playlists.  What are your must-have movies and music for travel? 


The Atomic Mom said...

I had no idea this even existed. You do not even know how much SBJ loves Blue.

Jane said...

I have never had the opportunity to choose my own movie for travelling but if I did would pick something long, familiar and comforting - like The Slipper and the Rose or Ben Hur.
As for music I choose ABBA, Journey, all my musical soundtracks - Wicked, Pirate Queen, Jekyll & Hyde...

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