Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On top of spaGHEEEEEEETTI!!!!!

We picked up a copy of On Top Of Spaghetti by Tom Glazer from the local library and it's now topping the charts in Casa Treblemaker.  Who can resist this silly song??  I loved it, and the next generation can't get enough of it.  Our library has the 1982 edition with illustrations by Tom Garcia which I find nifty because on the bottom of every page, it has a treble clef and has the notes written right above the words!

After we sang it about a kajillion times, I asked WonderGirl if she could try and play the melody on the piano and after some disciphering, she got it!  It's nice and simple in C major.  I love that it puts 3 things together that she adores - silly songs, reading and playing the piano.

The 2006 edition is here on Amazon and though the music isn't incorporated on all the pages, it's written out on it's own page - plus it has recipes for tomato sauce and meatballs included.  How awesome is that??  It has something for everyone!  Let me know how it plays in your house!

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Floyd said...

I remember singing that song as a kid! That was one of our favorites. Looks like sometimes good things don't die.

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