Friday, May 20, 2011

Living Room Dance Party #12

I love how many of my favorite Living Room Dance Party tunes are under 3 minutes!  This is Khachaturain's Saber Dance and the second you hear it, I promise you'll have the urge to run around in circles.  It's a guaranteed energy booster!  I also found a neat video of violinist Vanessa Mae performing a rock/techno arrangement of it - with a clear violin, smoke machines, dancers, the works.  WonderGirl was impressed!

I randomly picked a good sounding $.89 MP3 download here.  You can also find it on almost any classical greatest hits albums - like this Bolero & Other Greatest Dance Hits.  There are lots of great compilations that feature just high power works that can really get your house rocking (these, for example).  And speaking of rocking - I've created a YouTube playlist with all the available songs from our Living Room Dance Party series!!  When you are in the mood for a quick pick-me-up, just click play and start dancing!

You can also access it here.  In other exciting news, I'm being featured on i can teach my child today!  I wrote a post about a song I use with WonderGirl and the Dude to teach selection of colors, letters, numbers, just about anything.  Pop over and have a look!


Also, next week is going to be Anatomy Week - I'll be featuring posts with ALL the things that happen in our practice sessions, piano lessons, violin lessons and music theory time.  I'll trying to add as many details as I can so you can get an idea about how we go about creating a lesson studio here in our home.  Is there anything you're curious about?  Anything you'd like to see a post on?  I'd love to hear your suggestions!


Floyd said...

We love living room dance party!!

Jane said...

I love the Sabre Dance! One of my all time favorite classical pieces.

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