Monday, May 2, 2011

Chin rest cozies

Holding a violin for the first time is so odd, isn't it?  It's cold, hard, and unnatural.  Once you play about 20 years it becomes second nature, but it takes a while to get there.  

When we were on our vacation last month, I enlisted my mom's help in making WonderGirl's violin more comfortable for her.  Lucky us, she had a huge stash of fleece squares!

She sewed up some chin rest cozies for us.  Since the fleece was stretchy, we didn't need velcro or anything fancy, it just stretched on and fit like a charm.  (I had her make a pattern for future reference.)

Once we figured it out, Mom whipped up three more.  We start our violin lessons choosing what chin rest cozy she'd like and it puts her in a proactive mood.

Happy chin, happy WonderGirl, happy mom!

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