Thursday, May 19, 2011

We watch PBS almost every day (Sesame Street is the 6th food group!) and they advertise their website constantly, so of course my VERY suggestible daughter is always begging to go to  It's a fun website, and a great motivational tool.  I like to try and find kids music websites she'll like and I found a GEM the other day.  Have you heard of  Wowza!!  It's a fabulous website chock full of educational games and information - from space to history to science - and a really nifty section on music!

There are ear training games, name that instrument or style games, music history time lines with music that plays when you scroll over the composer names, a music term glossary - and it's all kid friendly!  Last night when we found the game for writing music, WonderGirl HAD to figure out how to write the theme to the Cat in the Hat show.

We were playing around with pitches, note length - it was a music parent's dream activity!  It's all mouse based, so she can search around on her own, but I liked doing it with her so I could expound on all the things she saw.  We searched the whole music category and had a blast, and now she's just itching to get into the space menu and build a satellite (that'll be her treat today after she practices piano).  It did say I needed to update my Shockwave , but was very easy and quick.  Go check out and have fun!

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Anonymous said...

What a fabulous website!!

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